Columbus BridgeTherapy for “Instant Teeth”

For those patients who would like a more immediate solution to the problem of complete tooth loss, Simon Hill is now offering the innovative Columbus Bridge treatment option to patients from all over Wales and beyond. The cutting edge technique, relatively new to the British market was developed in Italy, where Simon Hill was trained in the procedure.

The treatment offers patients the same reliable, fixed and long-term solution as traditional implants but they are able to walk away with new fixed teeth in as little as 24-48 hours. This means that even in the short term, patients can avoid the need for a removable denture altogether.

The key to this treatment is in the planning; all patients are required to undergo a CT scan of the jaw which is used to assess bone density & volume and to ensure accurate placement of the implants. A minimum of 4 implants is required but more may be used where deemed clinically necessary. The implants are then restored with teeth that also provide immediate stability. This enables them to support the bespoke made fixed bridge straight away. Impressions are taken the same day and sent to our expert dental technician, who manufactures your quality bridge immediately for fitting within 24-48 hours of surgery.

As with many other dental procedures, patients will need to follow a soft food diet initially and following a period to allow the tissues to heal, further impressions will be taken and a final  custom made bridge will be fitted, offering patients permanent, fully functioning “new teeth”.

If you feel this treatment might be of benefit to you or if you would like some further information, please contact the practice for further details or to make an appointment for a no obligation consultation. Prices start from around £12,000 for a full arch but following a consultation Simon Hill will provide a personalised treatment plan and full cost estimate.