Membership Plans

Regular Maintenance Plan: £11.25/month

Regular Dental Examinations (two per year) to provide:

  • Clinical Examination
  • Assessment of gum condition
  • Examination of muscles of head, neck , lymph glands for signs of swelling, Jaw joints
  • Checking for signs of oral cancer
  • X-rays where clinically appropriate

Regular Hygiene appointments (two per year) to provide:

  • Scale and Polish
  • Periodontal Advice and simple treatment
  • Preventative advice to reduce decay and gum disease
  • 15% discount on any further treatment costs.

Emergencies and dental pain with any initial treatment required carried out at the practice.

Supplemental Insurance

  • Worldwide Emergency Insurance if you are more than 20 miles away and can’t get back to see us.
  • Worldwide Trauma Insurance to protect against the cost of accidental damage to your teeth.
  • Emergency Out of Hours Insurance should you need a dentist out of hours anywhere in the world.
  • Mouth Cancer Insurance to protect against the costs of treatment for Mouth Cancer.
  • Hospital Cash Benefit should you need to stay overnight in hospital under the care of an oral consultant or maxillo-facial surgeon.

Special Rates:

  • Couples: £21.50 / month
  • Over 65s: £9.25 / month

Periodontal Plan: £15.50/month

As the plan above but tailored to patients with greater needs in order to maintain gum health. We will provide four hygienist appointments/ year with the hygienist

Special Rates:

  • Couples: £30.00 / month
  • Over 65s: £13.50 / month